Services for End Users

End-users have the right to use the following services:

  • Access to AMRES network and the Internet within the institution where the user works or studies;
  • eduroam*- wireless Internet access at locations all over Serbia and all over the world;
  • VPN*- connection to AMRES network via the network of Internet provider;
  • Web-proxy – proxying of web-traffic (HTTP/HTTPS) for the purpose of protection against viruses and malicious contents;
  • Digital Certificates* - issuing of client digital certificates; 
  • Web-conferences* - services for end-users that enable holding of video-conferences from personal devices, by using web-browser. The service is currently running as a pilot  project;
  • Video-conferences – organization of or participation in video-conferences in the rooms available within this service;
  • Filesender* - enables large files sending. The service is currently running as a pilot project;
  • Access to KoBSON – access to high number of foreign scientific journals in full text, to electronic books and bases.

*In order to use this service it is necessary to have user name and password issued by institution where user works or studies.