Video-Conference Service for AMRES End-Users

In order to support educational and scientific-research work, AMRES provides video-conferencing service to its end-users. Within this service, all AMRES end-users may organize and participate in meetings with distant participants, using the available  dedicated video-conferencerooms .

Within the video-conference service, AMRES provides as follows:

  • The video-conference room with minimum 12 seats (for more details, please see information about available rooms dedicated for this service),
  • All necessary equipment which includes: video-conference terminal, projector or monitor, microphone and speakers,
  • Holding of video-conference via H.323 or SIP protocol,
  • Making video-conference call via IP address or GDS numeration,
  • According to users’ needs, it is possible to arrange video-conference with more than two participants,
  • It is possible to share contents from user’s laptop to other participants in the video-conference (e.g. slides of lecture),
  • Wireless or wired access to the Internet (for more details, please see information about the room).

This service can be used exclusively for performing educational and scientific-research activities such as distance learning, lectures, meetings within scientific-research projects, etc. When booking video-conference room, the user has to give explanation which demonstrates that video-conference is held with this intended purpose.

How to Book Video-Conference Room

In order to book the video-conference room, you have to send an email to minimum 3 days before the conference is held, containing the following details:

  • Date, time and duration of video-conference,
  • Name and surname, institution you come from and the role you have in that institution,
  • For employees – send request by email from the domain of the institution (if any), number of landline phone of the institution and number of mobile phone,
  • For students - number of mobile phone,
  • The room you want to use and the number of users who will use the room,
  • Intended purpose of video-conference (it is necessary to demonstrate that the purpose of the conference is related to educational or scientific-research activities),
  • If the conference is with  2 or more than 2 distant participants (including yourself),
  • If somebody else organizes the video-conference, obtained parameters for participation in video-conference.

AMRES helpdesk will reply within one working day, and if the schedule you asked for is already full, alternative schedules will be proposed. If the video-conference is not intended for performance of educational or scientific-research activities, AMRES has right to reject request for holding video-conference with appropriate explanation.

Available Rooms

The service is currently available in the video-conference rooms in Novi Sad and in Niš, and implementation of the service at other locations in Serbia is planned.

Video-conference rooms in Novi Sad

Location: dr Zorana Đinđića 1, Central Building of University of Novi Sad

Number of seats: 30

Availability: every working day in the period from 08 to 18 h

Internet access: wireless, via eduroam service

Video quality: 1080p HD

Video-conference rooms in  Niš

Location: Univerzitetski trg 2, The Building of University of Niš, Multimedia Room No.  8

Number of seats: 50

Availability: every working day in the period from 08 to 18 h

Internet access: wireless (it is necessary to request voucher for access previously), via eduroam service

Video quality: 720p HD