Services for AMRES Users

By obtaining the status of AMRES user, institution has the right to use AMRES services. Depending on the service, it may be necessary to make special agreements for their use. AMRES services intended for institutions are as follows:

  • Connection to  AMRES infrastructure;
  • Helpdesk - 24/7 service which provides support to AMRES users;
  • Traffic filtering  - active protection of network and computer resources of AMRES users against attacks from the Internet;
  • Web-proxy – safe access to web-contents on the Internet via AMRES proxy servers;
  • DNS hosting – hosting of AMRES users’ domains;
  • Registration of domain registering  of and ак,срб domains;
  • eduroam – wireless access to the Internet on the locations all over Serbia and all over the world;
  • VPN – service for end-users which allows connection to AMRES network via the network of Internet provider;
  • CSIRT – handling of incidents related to safety of ICT infrastructure and systems;
  • Digital certificates – issuing of server digital certificates; 
  • iAMRES Identity Federation service for AMRES users which enables end-users to access web-services offered via iAMRES by using identities from their institution;
  • Video-conferences enables GDS numeration of video-conference terminals of AMRES users and calls by using GDS numeration;
  • Multipoint video-conferences – holding of video-conferences with more than two participants and streaming of video conference so that it can be followed by a web-browser; 
  • Forum for administrators forum for exchange of useful information, opinions and experiences related to ICT services, system and network administration, etc;
  • Access to KoBSON – access to high number of foreign scientific journals in full text, to electronic books and bases.