eduroam_300p.pngeduroam® – education roaming enables wireless Internet access at eduroam hotspots in Serbia, all over Europe and all over the world. eduroam service started within European TERENA initiative, and it is implemented through international GÉANT project in which European academic and research networks participate.

eduroam service enables safe, fast and easy Internet access, without any need for opening additional user accounts, with the use of current user name and password created at the users’ home institution, where the user works or studies. Users of eduroam service are students and employees in research and education institutions around the world. In Serbia, it can be used by students, professors, lecturers, scientists, researchers and other employees in the institutions which are AMRES users, i.e. all AMRES end users.

Why eduroam?

Has any user who came to visit your institution already asked you if there is eduroam network in your institution? Worldwide, eduroam is currently the standard for Internet access in research and  education community. When students and employees in academic institutions come to visit your institution, they expect to have Internet access via eduroam service. Also, in order for your students and employees to be able to access Internet while using eduroam it is necessary for your institution to participate in eduroam. Please see additional advantages of implementing eduroam service at your institution.

How to provide eduroam service for your users?

In Serbia, eduroam service is provided by AMRES, and an institution has to participate in eduroam service so that its users can use it. In order to enable your users with eduroam access, it is necessary to implement appropriate authentication infrastructure and  provide digital identities (username and password) to your users. Additionally, our recommendation is to use any wireless network access points within eduroam which would result in increase of number of access points, but also enhance both safety and access control to your wireless infrastructure. AMRES will provide you with advisory and practical assistance in order to establish eduroam service in your institution.

Detailed information about eduroam service, such as how eduroam works, prerequisites that have to be met to be able to use eduroam, instructions for implementation of authentication infrastructure can be seen on official AMRES eduroam pages

Points of eduroam access can be seen on the map.