Reporting of Security Incidents

AMRES users may become victims of attack from the Internet and in this case the technical contact of AMRES user should send report about security incident to AMRES CSIRT team. It is very important that the report contains as much relevant data as possible which may help AMRES CSIRT team in further solving of the case. For the reasons above, AMRES users should use Form for Reporting of Security Incidents (Serbian version onlyfor every single report.

Filled-in report should be sent to email address or

Security incidents that can be reported include the following cases:

  • attack on the network layer, specific network service or application
  • scanning via network
  • DoS – Denial of Service
  • sending of spam messages
  • copyright infringement
  • unauthorized access or attempted unauthorized access
  • action of virus, worm or Trojan
  • unauthorized use of network resources or computers
  • insertion of phishing contents
  • violation of the rule of acceptable use policy