Web-Filtering Service

Web traffic filtering in AMRES network means that HTTP/HTTPS requests are passing through IronPort Web Security Appliance devices. These devices are able to filter web-traffic based on type of traffic and type of content being exchanged. In accordance with possibilities of those devices, AMRES created global policy of acceptable content which is valid for all AMRES users. Web-filtering service is intended for AMRES users who want to create their own policy of acceptable content for their end users. By using web-filtering service, AMRES users may define filters for web-traffic. Filters may refer to:

  • Protocol – HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTP via HTTP.
  • Content category – there are over 60 predefined content categories. Many web-sites are classified into appropriate category based on content they offer to end users. The list and description of all categories can be found in manufacturer’s official documentation.
  • Web-application – there is a high number of web-applications whose traffic can be recognized by proxy devices and then can be blocked or restricted,
  • File being transferred – proxy devices may recognize the type of file being transferred via web-transaction and then block it,
  • Web-reputation of web-sites – many web-sites are evaluated according to the risk they pose to end users. It is possible to block sites whose reputation is not satisfactory. Checking of web-reputation is enabled via  a portal that is provided by manufacturer.

If AMRES institution decides to use web-filtering services, it is necessary to appoint a technical contact as authorized representative of that institution. The technical contact will create and maintain the policy of acceptable content which will be valid only for end users of that particular AMRES institution. In that case, technical contact is responsible for handling possible complaints that end users may submit due to their disagreement with the policy of acceptable content or due to improper operation of any of the proxy devices. AMRES is available anytime for help and assistance when dealing with complaints.

AMRES institution’s technical contact may sign up its home institution for web-filtering service by sending an email to AMRES Helpdesk. The email should contain name, surname and contact details (fixed line or mobile number) of the person that will be responsible for creating the institution’s policy of acceptable content. AMRES account for technical and administrative contacts is used to access IronPort Management device.

All information related to setting of web-filtering policy on AMRES proxy can be found in Instructions for Using Web-Filtering Service (Serbian version only).